Dear EsportsDome friends,

It has been almost 5 months that our crowdfunding campaign ended and we placed our last post on our Facebook page. We did not make our crowdfunding target and therefore couldn’t go further with our original plans. With help of this campaign we were able to guarantee two years of being open as EsportsDome, but since we didn’t make the goal we did not have the funds to accomplish this. For a minute we thought our dream ended there.

However, during our campaign there were also a lot of positive things. Developments difficult to see for outsiders, but definitely developments keeping our dream alive. These included being approached by a lot of media willing to write or make a video about us, companies starting to follow us to maybe sponsor EsportsDome, and a lot of volunteers willing to help us out with anything they or we could imagine being helpful to realize EsportsDome. We even had to stop the influx of volunteers because there were so many and we didn’t even have security that EsportsDome would become a reality.

Now, 5 months further, we can tell you that we are still fully focused on working to realise EsportsDome. We work together 2 days a week, next to our normal jobs, and are in the process of preparing everything to open EsportsDome. Of course we’d rather spend all our time on it, but unfortunately we need to pay our bills too..

To show that we are still fully committed we will be present at one of the biggest events in the Netherlands: Dutch Comic Con 2017, being held in the Jaarbeurs, Utrecht the 25th and 26th of March. Here we will give you a taste of what we are good at. At our booth there will be a free-to-play and a beat-the-Pro area, where you can play versus some of the professional esport athletes we have in The Netherlands. Next to that, we will also organize the official Dutch Comic Con Hearthstone tournament, something we are already known to be very capable of onder our tournaments name Breda Masters.

If you feel you would like to help us realize the fantastic project that is EsportsDome, in any way possible, don’t hesitate to send us a message through our contactform. Please do tell us about yourself and in what way you think you can help us. You will receive a reply from one of us as soon as possible.

We hope we can provide you with more good news in the near future and to see you at Dutch Com Con!

Marcel and Ruben – initiators EsportsDome.